Sabtu, 08 September 2007

Songs of Mass Destruction, Annie Lennox

Menacing as they sound, the songs of mass destruction gathered on Annie Lennox's fifth solo disc don't manage to so much as nick the gorgeous instrument she's built her career on. Weaving artfully as ever around the contours of songs that suggest the worst--Lennox is world-wise and therefore maybe inevitably world-weary--she imparts gravity and grace in a voice as cloudless and surface-smooth as just-brewed mint tea; from the tentative beginnings of the mournful "Dark Road" to the gospel-bottomed gorgeousness of "Ghosts in My Machine," she's in full command of her considerable vocal powers. For more detail please visit Annie Lennox, Songs of Mass Destruction at chatca.

Track Listings
1. Dark Road
2. Love Is blind
3. Smithereens
4. Ghosts In My Machine
5. Womankind
6. Through The Glass Darkly
7. Lost
8. Coloured Bedspread
9. Sing
10. Big Sky
11. Fingernail Moon

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